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4 Retargeting Strategies

It is clearly important to attract new users in cold audiences, but you still have to stay in contact with the audience you have. You have to reduce churn rates and it is cheaper to save customer relationships than to find new clients. Retargeting campaigns normally cost less and convert more, and people are more likely to buy from the brands they already know. Let's discover 4 retargeting strategies that might help you.

1. We guess you know about the sales funnel. So just don't hurry up and perform the following steps. Make people know about you, introduce your brand. In other words, go with Brand Awareness, running for example a video ad that will tell the story of your brand. It gives you an opportunity to create a custom audience of those who watched it. You can also specify the level of interest by clicking on Engagement and picking up people who watched 3secs or 25%, or up to 95%. You can create a custom audience off of those engaged with other ads (Canvas or Collection) as well. After that, you are free to blow them with your great retargeting ads.

2. Do you know this feeling when staring at an item you finally leave without the purchase? There is no need to explain why it happens, but apparently almost each of us has faced with this situation. But then... you "accidentally" see the desired thing on Facebook and all your attempts to not cross the line go to hell because "That's just fate!". And you buy. Customer visiting different product pages of your site has an obvious intent to buy. Sometimes you just need to tempt him a bit. Use dynamic ads and custom audience from your website. Don't forget to exclude those who already made a purchase by excluding your order confirmation page's visitors, but don't exclude users viewed a cart. You can push abandoned cart users to convert.

3. Entice back. Your clients may seem to be done with your services but they are probably just need to be enticed back. You can re-engage them in a period of time. It's up to you to decide whenever this period is gone and blow people with your re-targeting campaign. And it really works. Make up a customer audience out of your customer (email) list and target the forgotten... Combine your actually tempting offer with a cute phrase telling that you've missed them and your disengaged clients will return to a Customer status.

4. You shouldn't let people leave without a purchase... If they have already viewed their cart they turn to be high-intent potential customers. Set up a custom audience of users being on the stage "already chosen but still didn't order". Show your ads to people that have seen your "Cart" page but still have not seen the order confirmation one. Offer them an extra discount or free shipping and finally get those conversions.

Retargeting is an outstanding opportunity to yield higher engagement and conversions, and brands should focus on it rather than only searching for new clients.

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