Knowledge Base

The following articles provide guidelines, instructions, and tips for advanced using of the LeadEnforce service.

How to use LeadEnforce audiences in Facebook Ads?

Here's a guide on how to select a LeadEnforce shared audience while setting up an ad on Facebook.

Specific points of using LeadEnforce audiences

Learn about some peculiarities you should bear in mind to successfully set up an ad using LeadEnforce audiences.

Where to place a Download Gate link

Instagram ad campaign setup

Why your Ad Account may be not eligible to use shared custom audiences

Coming soon
What you should do if you can't use shared custom audiences.

Premature termination of the subscription

Coming soon
In case you want to cancel your subscription - you can do it any moment. All audiences you've created and tools used will stay available until the nex

Subscription Parameters

LeadEnforce offers a variety of subscription packages that fit any needs.

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