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Custom Audience - Why Should You Use It?

Custom Audience targeting is an outstanding way to increase your sales. These people already know about you and it’s way much easier to make them buy from you again or to persuade for a first purchase.You are able to reach the most likely repeat customers, they already feel confident about your brand, so by marketing to them you can get higher conversion rates.

Moreover, you can use Custom Audience to create a Lookalike audience and reach people that are similar to your actual fans, so it’s also quite promising. You always can use Custom Audiences to increase the number of your Facebook followers.

So what are the advantages of using custom audiences?

  • ads costs reduction (lower CPC)
  • campaign’s performance improvement
  • traffic volume, sales and brand awareness increase
  • earning loyalty

Let’s see which options are there when talking of Custom Audiences.

  • using customer list to create a Custom Audience. Your customers let you use their data to send them special offers, news etc. To target them on Facebook, you upload this list and create an audience. Keep in mind you should provide concrete data formats that may be identified by Facebook.
  • installing Facebook Pixel on the website. It will let Facebook match your website visitors to their Facebook profiles. Once you’ve installed it, you can use this data to target them all or just users who visited concrete pages. To dig deeper, sometimes it's even better not to include all users in your custom audience, but, on the contrary, exclude them. It makes sense because there may be hundreds of people already viewed your profile and you don't need to target them again.
  • creating a Custom Audience of your app’s users. You can then reach those who downloaded your app but hasn’t used it yet, or those who made purchases in there etc.
  • and, of course, Custom Audience of people who already interacted with your brand on Facebook or Instagram.

If You still feel lost about how to use those - keep reading. Here are a few ideas of using Custom Audiences that will move your campaign to the next level.

  1. With Custom Audience made of website’s visitors you can and even MUST target people who added products to the cart but left without paying. Create a Custom Audience of those who visited the payment page, exclude those who saw the page “thank you for your order” and target people who are already in one-step from the purchase.
  2. Create an audience of your regular customers (using customer list) and make them a special offer (a discount, free delivery etc). Consider it as a way to increase your customers’ loyalty.
  3. If your website lacks traffic, use your customer audience to create a lookalike audience. This way, with Facebook lookalike audiences you get the opportunity to reach new people who are likely to purchase because of the characteristics similar to your existing customers.

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