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Download Gates to Grow Your Social Media

Social media have undeniably become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. We can’t spend an hour without checking in on what’s new on Instagram or Twitter. No wonder such platforms have gained great influence. We consume tons of information, watch films, video clips, listen to music. 

Today social media is not only about entertaining content. Online education and informative blogs are at the peak of their popularity. People tend to learn things in a new way: scrolling their feed on their way home or watching a webinar while running on the treadmill. 

The market of "bloggers" is oversaturated and a customer may feel like a kid in a candy store not knowing which one to follow. We all are moving online but the question remains the same: how to attract people to follow your blog, use your service or buy your product online? 

Buying bots, hosting giveaways and using scam tools to grow your audience on social media is a bad choice. If you want the audience to stick around, you should attract people initially interested in you and your content. 

Think about it: do you want a big number of fake people in the “followers” section or a quality audience showing a high engagement rate? What will eventually be more profitable for you? I hope the answer here is obvious. 

For this reason, you need to make use of special strategies to let your potential customers discover you.

How Download gates strategy works 

A follow-to-download gates strategy is one of the tools to help you grow your audience and increase your social media presence. It initially emerged to help musicians promote and distribute their new releases. But now there’s a much broader range of spheres to use this strategy. 

It works like this: you create a lead magnet as an incentive for social engagement. For example, you can offer free material for download in exchange for a subscription, like, or share. It can be any kind of material, maybe even a sample product, consultation, discount or free service. 

It implies giving something for free. Remember that a follower, a share or a repost, even a like are today’s exchange coins. Social media presence and a big army of followers is a goldmine. You give something for free today but in the long run, the fan base you build using this strategy can bring you much more value.

Benefits of Download Gates

Using download gates in your marketing strategy you can:

  1. Grow fanbase

    Download gates can help your audience discover your music, service, product, or just you as an individual worth following. Thus you can build a long-term quality audience interested in your product.

  2. Raise brand awareness

    Use Download gates to help make your brand recognized across multiple social media platforms. Thanks to the work of Facebook and Instagram algorithms one “like” and you can come up in recommended for friends and followers.

  3. Collect a contact list for retargeting

    Surely all those contacts people leave for the sake of your lead-magnet should not go in vain. You can either use them for running email or SMS campaigns or create a custom audience and use it for ad retargeting campaigns.

  4. Increase conversion rate

    Download gates tool will help not only grow the audience on social media but also drive customers down the sales funnel. We can visually illustrate the customer journey they go through on the way to conversion:

    increase conversion rate

    So using the download gate you kill two birds with one stone: grow your audience and push the potential customers to convert. 

What can you do with LeadEnforce Download Gates tool?

Let’s divide the way download gates on LeadEnforce work into 2 main parts:

1. What lead magnet you can offer

Follow-to-download gates may have started as a tool for the music industry to let people download MP3 files in exchange for Facebook, Instagram or YouTube follow. However, now it may come in handy in many other ways.

First of all, it’s not only about “downloading” anymore. Music or video material for download is only the first kind of incentive in the long list of variables.

Speaking about downloadable material, it may be text files. If you are a coach, this is a perfect way to introduce your course. Provide some kind of a guide, checklist, or an article. Maybe a good cooking recipe if you’re a cook.

Those who have a platform on a subscription basis can use the download gate to offer a free trial to test your service. Gate the users to a signup form. Maybe after a little test some of them will get on the hook and be tempted to purchase a subscription plan. Thus you get double profit: first, people interact with your social media to get the trial period, and second,  some of them may convert after using your trial period. 

Want to offer a discount? Why not use it as a reason to like, share your post or follow your account in exchange? It’s a win-win situation for both you and your potential customers. If you were about to give a discount, you’re not losing anything. 

Have an online course? You need to somehow show the potential customers what they’re buying. Host a free webinar or podcast to let them see if your course is worth buying at all. 

In any case, you just need to provide a source link. Whether it leads to a downloadable material or a signup form.

2. What users can do to get your offer

Now, here are the features LeadEnforce Download Gates provide:

  • Leave Email address
  • Facebook group join
  • Facebook page like
  • Facebook post like
  • Facebook post share
  • Instagram profile follow
  • Instagram post like
  • YouTube channel subscribe
  • Share phone number (Telegram or SMS)

Those are the gates that potential customers can go through to get access to your offer. There’re a lot of options to choose from. However, you should not use them all at once. Next, let’s talk about why and how to optimize your download gate to use it the proper way.

How to choose the right gates?

Now that you know what “price” users have to pay, I can not leave without attention the choice of relevant gates for your particular case. I guess it’s needless to say that your choice depends on what social platforms you want to drive traffic to

On LeadEnforce the functionality allows you to combine different steps. Though before you decide to use all of them for one and the same offer, let me stop you right there. 

First, ask yourself a question. Is my offer so valuable that to get access to it a person would really go as far as to leave their email, follow you both on Facebook and Instagram, subscribe to your youtube channel, and on top of all that like a few posts on different platforms? Would they go through all that at once?

Well, in neither way do I wish to underestimate your incentive. Yet practice tells me that it is doubtful. 

Remember your own experience. I’m sure it happened many times that you immediately closed the popup window asking you to leave an email address or share a post in exchange for something. 

Let’s imagine 2 situations:

  1. You’re asked to leave an email address to subscribe to a newsletter.
  2. Another popup offers a 10% discount in exchange for the same.

One of the cases illustrates a higher motivation. I think you have guessed which one. 

Most likely even the laziest and most suspicious customer would consider leaving their email to get a discount. Here we take into consideration those who are actually interested in this type of product.

However, the first offer is not tempting to many of us at all. Even if a really useful and engaging newsletter is at stake here, most of us will just swipe the email notification, put it off for later and never really open it. 

So to sum up, a motivation, or as we called it earlier an “incentive” should correspond to the level of hardness of what the users need to do to get the desired result. The more tangible is your offer, the more difficult can be the way to get it, meaning the more steps you can use to open access. And vice versa, the less value it has, the easier should be the steps.

Better select one or maximum of two gates that are most relevant for you. It will depend on what social media profile you wish to promote by using this download gate.

Where to place the link to your download gate?

Ok, so you selected your lead magnet and decided on the gates you want to send the users through. The system automatically generated the link. Now what? Next, you should place the link somewhere to be found by your potential customers. 

Here are the possible placements:

  1. Put the link in your bio on Instagram. Thus you can both promote your Instagram or drive traffic from Instagram to other platforms if you use other gates like Facebook or YouTube.

  2. Integrate the link in an advertising campaign. Use the link as a destination in a Facebook or Instagram ad campaign. 

  3. Just place the link in any of your social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a personal blog. Create a post describing the benefits of your offer for your followers and profile visitors. 

  4. Use the link in an email campaign. In case you have a list of previously collected leads, run an email campaign to promote your social media.  

These are the options just off the top of my head. You can use the link in any other way as far as the imagination allows. 

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