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Instagram Subscription Pages

Instagram Subscription Pages is a solution that lets you get more followers while advertising on Instagram. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to retarget then the users who visited the page. 

The cloud service is safe as it doesn’t require any access to your account. Subscription page is a conductor between your targeted advertisement and Instagram account. In fact, it’s a piece of script that checks if user’s subscribed.

The scheme is quite simple: set an Instagram ad offering a free valuable product + add the link to a Subscription Page you created. 

You just need to decide what is the lead magnet you can use for your potential customers. You can come up to anything that would make your target audience want to click  - a discount, supplementary service or some valuable information. So a user clicks on your offer and gets redirected to the Subscription Page saying that it is necessary to subscribe to get this free product he wanted. There is a link to subscribe and a link to continue and get materials. This small intermediate slayer checks if user has actually subscribed and if he has, allows him to get the desired. In case the user hasn’t subscribed, he will be redirected to the subscription page again and again, and the material remains unavailable. 


How to create a Subscription Page ?

You don’t need any special skills and knowledge to create a Subscription page for your Instagram ad - actually you will need just a couple of minutes to prepare this page in your Leadenforce account. 

In the Marketing section on Leadenforce choose Subscription Pages, then Create a Page.

Give it a name that would reflect the content and make it easier to identify later. 

Paste your nickname, a nickname of the page you are going to send users to. 

Add the Instagram page description and profile photo as it is in the account you chose.

Then fill in the title and description of the Subscription Page. You explain here that to get access to the free product (discount etc), it is necessary to follow the indicated business page. You can also include some additional info of what exactly the user will get and how he can take advantage of your great offer. 

There are two more pop-ups to fill then. First is a confirmation pop-up when subscription’s found and the user gets a link to the material. Second pop-up is for those who didn’t actually subscribe. The service checks it and sends them back to the initial page.

In the end you can paste the Facebook Pixel script to track the users. Now you’re all set and ready to get the most of Instagram advertising.

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