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Dominator.Online will soon feature complete LinkedIn advertising and it will be possible to manage LinkedIn targeted ads on via our platform and share your audiences with LinkedIn directly. However, we made a solution for our customers and so we provide an alternative method that will allow you to use the precision of our platform to start your LinkedIn advertising campaign right away.

We integrated IDSharks contact search engine to make it possible to import your audience, use it as a customer list and upload this list to LinkedIn website. Setup of a customer list is simple and its benefits are massive, here are a few reasons why advertising on LinkedIn through customer lists would help you to reach more relevant audience:

Benefits of LinkedIn advertising via customer lists:

So why should you consider this alternative to LinkedIn advertising? To begin with, creating a campaign via a customer list will deliver much more relevant audience at current state. Our platform is known for helping ambitious companies to create highly-effective, highly-targeted audiences and importing them to customer list is no exception. If you still not convinced, here are a few more reasons:

Extended reach of your product:

Using options and settings presented on LinkedIn website can limit the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Dominator.Online will help not only to narrow a location where your ads are targeted, but also will help you to determine who your ads are targeted to.

Attract and convert more customers:

By using Dominator.Online you will finally get the chance to attract new customers. Take advantage of our precision and filtering capabilities to create bigger and better audiences without losing any conversion rate.

Make your advertising campaign flexible:

You don’t have to use your audience in one limited way. You can upload your created customer list on every available advertising option on LinkedIn website and even upload it to any other site or platform.

Creating a customer list and uploading it to LinkedIn website

We made creating a customer list as simple and as fast as possible. You will also upload your customer list on LinkedIn website in a split second. Here’s a quick guideline that you need to follow:

1.       Register an account on and purchase a subscription plan. To get more LinkedIn users that you can advertise to, it is recommended to get a subscription with higher Show Credits value.

2.       Turn the IDSharks service on through the Service Integration section on Dominator.Online website. Generate and copy your API key from the Profile section on and paste it to IDSharks Service Integration Settings on Dominator.Online website. Save it and make sure that the IDSharks Status is connected.    

3.       a) Create a LinkedIn audience that meets your requirements via LinkedIn project or LinkedIn Company project and access its filter page by clicking on its Imported User information through the audience page. b) You can also just access the filter page and arrange all necessary settings without creating an audience.

4.       On the filter page, click the IDSharks button and buy emails of filtered LinkedIn users.

5.       Click the Filter button, check the IDSharks Emails checkbox and click Search button once again.

6.       Click the Export button, choose the name, mark the email checkbox, unmark all other fields and click Export. Download your file by clicking the Task button to the right of the Export button or click on your file’s name in the Downloads section.

7.       Proceed to LinkedIn Campaign Manager , create a new campaign and follow the provided instructions to fill all necessary fields until Step 3: Audience Creation.

8.       On Step 3 of creating a new LinkedIn campaign, click Use a matched audience, and then click the Upload a list button under Target a list of accounts or contacts. Click Upload File on the appeared window and upload your created customer list.


After successful processing of your customer list created on Dominator.Online platform, you need to complete the form and then launch your LinkedIn advertising campaign.

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