Subscription Parameters

LeadEnforce offers a variety of subscription packages that fit any needs. You can choose both a Personal package for small business as well as a Premium package for marketing agencies. All packages differ in the set of parameters. LeadEnforce range this parameters for the best usage scenario coverage.
Audiences - Custom Facebook audience you can share with your Facebook ad account. You can target ads to the audience you've created on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.
Projects - LeadEnforce project that contains one or more Facebook groups or public pages which are connected by a similar or a common theme, such as the types of products or services you want to advertise.
While setting up your project on our website you can apply different filters to the custom list e.g.: age, location, interests and so on. You also get insight into added groups and public pages.  
Groups per project  - the maximum number of Facebook groups and public pages you can add to one LeadEnforce project.
Priority (Analyzer threads) - LeadEnforce shares resources between all running projects based on account priority level. 
Account with higher priority level gets more resources for better performance compared to an account having a lower priority.
Ad budget - an amount that you spend over a month on Facebook advertising campaign by using LeadEnforce audiences.
When your Facebook advertising budget is reached, 10% Advertising rate will be applied to an amount over the specified ad budget. 
Custom package- special LeadEnforce's offer in case your business demands don't fit any subscription package.
All LeadEnforce subscription parameters can be used together to create an embeddable, custom subscription package so you can select exactly what you would like to receive and build a customized subscription plan. We'll offer you special terms according to your business needs after discussing the details.

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