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5 Ways to Make People Click Your Ad Thanks to the Ad Copy

5 Ways to Make People Click Your Ad Thanks to the Ad Copy

You must realize the importance of good copies of your ads. Advertising on Facebook is actually highly competitive. Take this into account and remember that not only right audience, but the ad text is essential as well. People seeing your ad have to be impressed, it should attract attention. There are likely lots of businesses same as your one, and they also advertise on Facebook. So it is very possible that your ad texts might be similar. Users get tired of promoting posts, especially when these are out of their interests. So let's now find out how to make your ad copy do its best for you.

Starting with headline, make sure it's short and eye-catching but clearly explaining why user should click through. Make your ads easy to read and perceive, understandable for everybody. Moreover, your ad will capture much more attention if you use expressive, emotional words. People want to be impressed, so you need to be able to astonish them not by your "good" business, but with "amazing features, brilliant results, exclusive offer" etc. But! Your ad should still be truthful. Meaning if you promise a "colossal sale", then your landing page should actually contain this sale and it'd rather be more or less impressive.

Make lists, use numbers, share "secrets" and best practices.
People love concrete numbers and love knowing what exactly they will get now by reading your content. All these "25 things you should know about...", "5 steps to..." and other similar articles are being read more often. Take into account another human factor - curiosity. When you name, for example, 7 ways to take a normally one-way option, most people will click through your ad wondering what are your magic ways. In addition, they do appreciate all tips and to-do-techniques, kindly shared with them. These make them trust and rely on you.

Time limits.
Move people to the urgent mode. Knowing it's "a special offer until tomorrow", "the last one item", "quick sale" and so on makes people pay more attention. Nobody wants to miss out something he needs for a special attractive price or other favorable conditions.

Include a question.
Questions are mentioned to get responses. but that's not just that simple to add any question - your readers shouldn't just answer them and leave. Make questions a way to involve them deeper.

Action - Duration - Result.
Thus, in a short and pretty simple sentence you formulate the essence of the whole article. And that works, because a user now knows what he should do and for how long to get the desired result.

Social proof. Statistics.
It's not a secret that most of us behave just like others do. Each of us is a member of a society. And we follow the rules, fashion, habits, examples that are proposed to us by other people. That explains why your customers' reviews and recommendations will certainly work. If you add some statistics, something like "most people spend up to 30% of their salaries on..", "80% of our clients stay with us" or "only 10% left without a purchase!", it could be even greater. As we mentioned above, people love numbers and specifics.

With these tips and your creativity you should be more than capable to blow your customers' minds. Look through successful brands' ads, glance at your competitors performance and get inspired. Good luck!

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