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7 Exciting Facebook Ads Benefits in 2019

If you’re still thinking about your advertising strategy, this is your warning to start doing it with Facebook Ads.

Facebook is undoubtedly ahead of all social networks. The number of Facebook users is really impressive - 2, 23 billion active audience worldwide monthly. Keep reading the article, and you will realize the benefits of Facebook Advertising.

  1. Facebook Machine learning algorithm is one of the best Statistics show the decline of non-paid content from 12% to 6% in all social networks, although some ad-makers continue to post on business pages. Anyway, Facebook is sophisticated in content delivery optimization. Machine-learning algorithm analyzes how people interact with your publications and then it gets shown more to people who will potentially like it.
  2. Facebook Ads can enhance the reach of your content. As we have mentioned, Facebook's organic reach is declining. When you continue to share well-thought-out content, attractive for your audience, your reach stays limited to people who liked your page. In comparison with organic reach, Facebook advertising is certainly beneficial. It will show your content to those who have similar characteristics, demographics, and interests to your current followers.
  3. Facebook provides a large targeting data volume You can use all your creative skills while building or expanding audiences on Facebook. The Facebook Ads’ great benefit is that it allows you to target people on such features that you couldn’t even imagine before:
    • Some Basic information as age, location, gender, job, etc.
    • The type of device they use and internet connection speed
    • Facebook Ads people click on
    • People’s income level
    • People who love to travel
    • Past website visitors or app users
    • People whose birthdays or anniversaries will be soon
    You may manipulate with a selection of key user parameters, behaviors and other factors. You can also combine them with group targeting options of LeadEnforce platform and create your best audience
  4. Show your content only to potential clients with Facebook Ads. New Facebook Ads users feel confused in an attempt to make Facebook Ads work effectively and generate profit. In this regard, the Facebook’s Boost Post seems to be a good option to reach more people easily. It’s clear that not all your posts perform well, so you need to click a tab Insights and choose the most engaging posts before boosting them.
  5. Retargeting people who already interacted with you. Facebook makes you think about remarketing. What about the idea of retargeting those who chose goods but didn’t confirm the order? Or you can retarget your blog posts readers, those who have signed up for your webinars and even subscribers from your email list. All these strategies are successful because you target users who have already interacted with you and showed their interest. You should set up a Facebook pixel and it will help you to identify the actions people have taken on your website after clicking your ad. You will find out your most performing ads as well. This great tool will certainly reduce your ad wastes and make your retargeting campaign outstanding.
  6. New Facebook Stories Ads features. Realizing new trends, Facebook introduced several features in video advertising in 2019. We all could see how stories have conquered social media in the last few years. You should definitely consider using Stories if you want to stay “in-fashion” and boost the engagement of followers. Undoubtedly, Ads in Stories should be as good as in feeds, otherwise, that can hurt the business. Facebook realizes the importance of stories and accomplishes them. It intends to make unskippable Stories Ads. For advertisers, this feature will allow engaging more users.
  7. Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization For the moment advertisers can both choose manual budget allocation for their ad campaign or let Facebook do it. In september the second one will become mandatory. That’s great for novice advertisers on Facebook - the platform will optimize it itself using an algorithm. Advertisers will just set up the campaign budget and then campaigns will automatically, in real time, optimize towards the best performing, lowest-cost audiences.

The above mentioned Facebook Ads advantages should convince you that Facebook is a great platform for the promotion of your business. Facebook allows you to reach as many prospective clients as you can and even save advertisement money, but, of course, your success will depend on the properly planned campaign.

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