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8 ways to improve the conversion rate

Every marketer needs to know the conversion rate in order to optimize his website, marketing strategy or whatever needs to be changed. That's really important to know how many of those who have visited your website and seen your product paid for your service. For example of 10,000 people landed on your selling page, 500 have converted. Dividing the conversions by website visitors, and then multiplying the result by 100, you get a conversion rate of 5%.

Don't wait from people to convert the first time they see your product. It's more than normal that they would want to look for alternatives, reviews or maybe they just don't have money for the moment. It's more than possible they'll return and pay for your service if it fits them. And well-written copy, eye-catching visuals, attracting offers and compelling calls to action (CTAs) will play an important role here.

So let's review the ways to increase your website conversions.

  1. Do not ignore analytics tools. With the data they provide you will be able to see what doesn't work and optimize those pages.
  2. You should have several lead magnets. Do not rely on just one if you want to really give your audience what they desire. There will always be people taking advantage of discounts, some educating information, and customers interested in different products you offer.
  3. Optimize your web design. Research showed it happens too fast that visitors get an impression about your site once seeing its design. And your page should keep them concentrated on the content that matters. Stop distracting people from the goal of their visit
  4. Test everything to ensure you do your best. You need to find the rational size of content publishing, publications frequency, best working call-to-actions etc. Use various tools helping tracking visitors' activities and optimize your site. Test each call-to-action to find out the most engaging.
  5. Make people trust you by adding testimonials and reviews. Social proof always make people loyal to the product/service. And it usually affects the conversion.
  6. In case you use forms - try different types and consider to simplify it. Users often don't want to fill in all these unnecessary lines, so make it easier for them and way more profitable for yourself.
  7. Make sure your website upload is as fast as possible. There are so many users that just abandon the site if it's loading slowly, the bounce rate is quite impressive. And you lose a potential buyer that hasn't even seen your offer. So, consider checking it using a Google's tool and you will be adviced on how to improve it.
  8. Make advance to your clients. Here we mean that it would actually be great if you offer a money back guarantee, for example. It's normal that people don't like taking risk when talking about their money. So even if a customer finds your offer suitable to his needs, he may be still unsure it would work. Offering this guarantee you dispell customers' fears and build loyalty. Don't worry about your sales - they won't fall.

Well, you've just got several tips to achieve a high conversion rate and you can now start testing and optimizing your site. Good luck!

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