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How to optimize your e-commerce landing page - 7 tips

Not even 5% of eCommerce visits end up in a conversion. So you understand that more than 90% of your website visitors leave empty-handed. But even knowing there is no panacea to increase conversion rate and the bounce rate always takes place here , let’s now see what you can try to deal with this.

  1. First of all, provide only high-quality product images. Nowadays it goes without saying that only good stuff wins. Online shoppers choosing products need a clearest idea of what they are going to buy, so they undoubtedly will abandon in case you use bad images.
  2. Make your page structured. Users prefer easier navigation through product categories etc. It will always work for you if they don’t need to spend too much time searching for items they need.
  3. Don’t go too far with ‘creative’ or vast headlines. Most people don’t have time and intent to delve into the essence of the intricate copy. Remember - they are here to improve their life, make it easier, solve a problem. So you need to explain them clearly and shortly (in headline) how your product will do it.
  4. Simplify the last-stage procedure. There is a large number of users that add products to their cart but still leave without completing their purchase. Sure, there are lots of reasons possible, but stores making the process complicated are obviously increasing this number. Analyze your website’s check-out process, find out the moments people get stuck with and facilitate it if you don’t wanna lose your “almost-customers”.
  5. Provide all shipping info. Some stores do not provide worldwide shipping, some use free or paid depending on shipping distance or order value, some do not accept orders of less than a certain amount. And any customer would like to know in advance if he is able to get your product and how he can get it. No one wants to select a thing he has dreamed of and find out it’s not available for his location. Or pick up something else to make a minimum order. However, you should realize that some of users may abandon your site without viewing products in case they are not satisfied with shipping details.
  6. Assist your buyers. Use live chat to support customers, give them answers to any questions about the products and other information. Mention social media links letting customer adresse you with any issues and other kind of communication. Add how-to videos to make them understand.
  7. Out-of-stock products should be kept on your page. If you are able to be selling it in a time - just add the form that sends a message once it is available again. There is a benefit here - you can later use customers’ e-mails addresses  if they wanted to know about the product returning to the stock.

With all that said, to improve website conversion you also should always test everything you do. You should also take into account some other general advices from our previous article https://leadenforce.com/blog/8-ways-to-improve-the-conversion-rate - such as adding testimonials, money-back guarantee and so on.

After all, you can hit left the site users with quality ads. Remarketing ads conversion is way more effective than the usual ones. You can get some idea of remarketing strategies here https://leadenforce.com/blog/4-retargeting-strategies .

Anyway, now you can start working on a higher conversion rate. There is an innumerable amount of e-Commerces businesses and you should do everything to make your one competitive and improve conversion.

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