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Control your personal information with Off-Facebook Activity tool

It's not a secret that most free apps are free due to online advertising. And these apps share data of users' interactions with ad platforms in order to find people interested in their service and offer it. That's why you see online shops' and services' proposals in social networks you use . You've been searching a hat, pet feed or an antivirus for your computer a few days ago - you are likely to see ads containing this stuff. That's how it works.

Users do not always understand and sometimes feel confused of why do they see an ad, that's why Facebook has prepared the Off-Facebook Activity tool. That one shows all the apps and websites user has interacted and lets to "disconnect" the shared information from the personal Facebook account.

The tool is created to let people control themselves the use of their personal information. To be concrete, now you can

  • see the list of websites and apps that shared your data through Facebook Pixel or Facebook Login or another special tool,
  • unplug it from your personal account and stop seeing ads based on your sided behavior
  • separate all of the external activities or select which exactly you want to set apart.

Well, actually not ALL of You can do that yet - Facebook starts by Ireland, South Korea and Spain, but "in coming months" it's said to be rolled out everywhere.

What and how will it change? Facebook will remove your personal information from the data they get. This information won't be used to target Facebook ads to you. Actually, this information won't be deleted.

It will probably affect Facebook advertising as ad targeting data will reduce. Anyhow, smart advertisers will have to find their way to better results.

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