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Facebook Ad Mistakes – All You Should Know about

Facebook Ad Mistakes – All You Should Know about

Not setting the specific goal. While setting an ad campaign your first mistake may be the wrong goal choice. To get the result you want you should choose a specific goal. Facebook offers you three categories of objectives subdivided into 13. These categories represent the stages of your marketing funnel. Just make the right choice!

Wrong Ad format. Thanks to great Facebook opportunities you have plenty ad formats so try them all, learn which ad type works with which placement or objective and decide which are best for you. The formats are created for different purposes and you choose which is suitable for your case.

Mobile or Desktop ads wrong preference. For example you know that most of people use their mobiles to go to Facebook and you rashly decide to show your ads on this type of devices. But there are ads categories better to show on desktops. And the secret is that more often people prefer buying from PCs. So consider the way of presenting your ads on mobiles and inviting to buy on desktops.

Your audience – too narrow or too broad. When your audience is broad you pay much more than you could for people you don’t need. Use filters, exclusions to sort out people. If it is too narrow you will get a higher CPM (cost per 1 000 impressions). And you won’t let Facebook do it’s optimization in correct way so do not wait for good results. Give a chance to your potential clients, add more interests, widen the audience.

Poor landing page. You drew attention to your ad and user clicked – that’s not all. For success your landing page should be great: loading fast, informative, clear and persuading. Think twice preparing it.

Too much of text. Facebook does not allow text covering more than 20% of ad image (there are some exceptions). Otherwise you risk to have your ad banned or just inefficient. Facebook won’t show it to the whole audience. Advice is to put your text in the post rather than the image.

Forgetting already converted and targeting the same audience with several campaigns in the same time. Ad fatigue. There is no sense to show your ads to people that have already taken an action you wanted them to. It would be great to exclude them once they moved through your sales funnel.

When you push multiple ad campaigns, pay attention to reach different audiences in order to have no competition between your own campaigns.

Another case when users see the same ad too often and get tired of it. It brings the result opposite to expected – annoyed people dream of avoiding it and won’t buy from you or use your service. That’s why you need to limit the number of your Ad Shows especially if your audience is not big enough.

To advertise on Facebook you have enough to do. Nothing is easy at the start but that is douable.

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