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Facebook Page vs Group - What's the Difference?

People starting own businesses always choose if they need to create a Facebook business page or a group. And there are still many users asking about the difference between Facebook Group and Page because both have features that overlap. But they apparently differ so let’s try to answer the question “facebook page vs group - what’s better for advertiser?”

Moderation features for groups and pages are same, in general. In both cases spam and specific members have to be removed manually. Events can be created by both of them as well.

Facebook Page is more like a profile of a brand, celebrity or so. Pages don’t list admins names and content may come separately from personal pages.
Page has wall for fans to post on, communicates its followers by “updates”, has tabs for more information and applications.
You can “follow” or “like” it. You will see updates if you follow it and it will also appear on your profile if you like it. Users can hide the updates and not see them in their newsfeed.
Page is public, so anyone can find and follow this page, the possible limitations are only age and location. Users can interact with content without following the page, and these interactions can reflect in users friends’ newsfeeds, so it’s a good way to distribute your content.
Pages can be found in Google and other search engines.Pages can use analytics tools and see how users engage with the posts, when they are most active. Scheduling and advertising tools are also available for pages.

It’s different with Facebook Group. Admin of the group decides if it’s open and anyone can join, closed and users have to be approved by administrator, or a secret one and only those invited can see it.
Groups can’t have applications, and only groups of less than 5000 members can send email blasts. Users interact on the wall, can leave posts and comments and it won’t be reflected in their newsfeed until they decide to share it.
Groups are mentioned to provide more personal communication and admins are reflected there, the content they post is attached to their personal profiles.

To sum up, let’s say both options are great, but the group is more a community of confederates, people of same habits, interests, lifestyle, and the page is likely to be perfect for business. But to create a more engaged community, you can create both page and group on Facebook. By doing this, you divide the commercial side and present your product on your page and the social life of your fans and customers, letting them discuss and interact in group in order to increase their loyalty.

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