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When Your Audience Is Too Small...

When Your Audience Is Too Small...

Once you create your ad campaign and choose the objective you have to pick your Audience.

Most people make it super narrow trying to create an extra-targeted audience. Later they wonder why their campaign is effectless. The reason is quite simple. If you have chosen to pay-per-click you risk to not have your ads shown because Facebook may consider your ad campaign as non-profitable. Showing your ads and getting no clicks it's been paid for, Facebook won't continue doing it fo free. So your ads will just disappear from users' monitors.

So first of all setting your ad campaign choose to pay for the number of shows. Do not forget that if your audience is less than 1 000 you won't be able to even start your campaign. And even in case it is a bit more, take into account that small audience makes it much harder for Facebook to optimize your ads and reach right people you need. Audiences from 1k up to 50k we call small ones even if they might be OK for someone.

Still one of your options is widen the audience. Maybe add some groups, expand the radius of coverage, or just clean out some of filters you have picked earlier. Let Facebook do its optimization correctly and make your campaign much more effective. Do not shorten the list of your potential clients/customers.

Yet a good idea is to create a Lookalike Audience. Since you have a basic Audience for your campaign do not hesitate to create a Lookalike to expand your reach and improve the results. That's a great opportunity finding people of maximum similarity as those you already targeted, those alike to become your client, those exactly suitable for your campaign. Targeting this audience performs well and you may even sort out your lookalike audience by region or the country. Here is just one remark - to create a Lookalike for the region you should have at least 100 users from your basic audience related to this region.

It's worthy saying that even if your Facebook ad campaign is set perfectly, one of essential points stays howbeit your message. The content of your ad is incredibly important so pay your attention creating it. Image, heading of the ad, text on its own, intonation of your promise - all that matters. People get interested by your offer and you have to do your best to keep this interest and lead them to the point you want them to get to.

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