How to use LeadEnforce audiences in Facebook Ads?

After you've created an audience on LeadEnforce and shared it with your Ad account you might be wondering what the next step is: how to use the audience in your ad campaign? LeadEnforce custom audiences, as well as LeadEnforce lookalike audiences, are treated as usual custom audiences.

Follow these steps to use the shared LeadEnforce audience in your ad campaign:

Step 1. To start with, you need to open your Facebook Business Manager, proceed to Ads Manager and start creating a new Ad campaign. 

The Audience you want to show your ads to is defined at the Ad set level. After you chose the campaign objective and name, you can proceed with creating an Ad set. When setting up an Ad set you’ll see the "Audience" section.


Step 2. Click on the empty field next to "Custom Audiences" to view all your custom audiences. There are options to see the list of All audiences, only Lookalike audiences or only Custom audiences. You can also insert the name of the audience in the field.


Step 3. Choose the custom audience you want to use in this ad set and click on it.

That's it. After that, you just continue setting up all the other parameters for your Ad set and Ad like you usually do. The Ad will be run on the audience created on LeadEnforce.

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