Specific points of using LeadEnforce audiences

Sometimes when you are not impressed with your ad results you might be wondering if you're doing something wrong. The reason is that you might be overlooking some points to take into account when launching Facebook ads on custom audiences. 



LeadEnforce custom audiences

The audiences you create on LeadEnforce are treated as usual custom audiences and need to follow certain rules. 

In case you feel like you need to narrow your audience even more you can apply various Facebook filters after sharing the audience with your Facebook Ad account. You can set the demographics, such as age, gender, location. For example, a location filter will help you target the audience in your target country. As you wish, you can additionally apply Facebook detailed targeting to define your audience by different interests and behaviors.




Defining the suitable budget in Facebook advertising is a tricky question. Your budget setting strategy will differ depending on whether you’re an experienced advertiser or you're just setting up your first ad. In the first case, your task is to analyze your previous results and conclude what works best for you. In case you're new to Facebook advertising you most likely lack the necessary previous data to build on. So it's usually recommended to start with minimum daily budgets.

Another point to bear in mind is the fact that custom audiences require a higher budget than interest-based audiences. Low performance can be connected with a lack of budget for the ad to unfold. Increase your current budget by 15-20% and test it out for a few days.

Average CPC will also vary in different niches. This is connected with the level of competition and specificity of your business and target audience. In fact, advertising in IT, Real estate, digital spheres will cost advertisers more than, for example, if you offer garden supplies.

The crucial metric to pay attention to when evaluating the quality of your audiences is the ROI. When you use LeadEnforce audiences the ROI will be higher than when using Facebook interest-based audiences. You get more clicks from people who are interested in your product - that is, of course, if you have made a thorough research to find the right sources for targeting resulting in better CTR.  A smaller, more specific audience comes with higher CPC because it takes more effort for Facebook to deliver your ads.



Facebook Ads review time

Facebook is very sensitive about their Advertising Policies. For this reason, Facebook ad review may take more than 24 hours, as promised by Facebook. In addition, using custom audiences for the ad set may increase ad approval time.

The process of launching Ads with a custom audience can take significant time. Sometimes Facebook doesn't show any results during the first days, and the statistics appear after several days of starting the Ads. Let the ad "find" its audience and give Facebook some time to deliver the statistics.

To sum up, in contrast to Facebook interest-based audiences, the custom audiences you create on LeadEnforce are more targeted and deliver better results. This is due to the fact that Leadenforce audiences are formed on the basis of the sources you choose. This approach allows creating the audiences consisting of people who are most likely interested in the product you offer and are willing to buy.

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