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Lead Magnet Strategy That Will Take Your Instagram Advertising to the Next Level

Lead Magnet Strategy That Will Take Your Instagram Advertising to the Next Level

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Users can promote their businesses on Instagram, but not everyone succeeds. You may spend thousands of dollars on Instagram marketing but results will be poor. Instagram marketing for small businesses can be much more meaningful and successful than widely known Instagram influencer marketing which doesn’t actually make much value.

In this article you will learn how to get more followers on Instagram using Lead Magnets and Subscription Pages.

First of all, you need to know what actually a Lead Magnet is. Generally, Lead Magnet is something valuable you give to users in exchange for their information (or in our case - Instagram subscription).
Lead Magnet’s role in this whole Instagram advertising process is to attract attention, get people interested enough to click the ad and link to the product to finally convert.
The very important thing about Lead Magnets is a real value. It has to be actually worth optin and certainly relevant to the business you promote. If your potential clients make a deal for what they need but receive some poor, low-quality or inappropriate stuff - it will badly affect the brand image.

So, Magnet can be a discount on your product, free shipping, info material, template etc. You are going to promote software - offer a trial period or a demo of your service. Give an informative guide or a checklist, a free video lesson if you promote educational courses. In terms of the marketing strategy you give it for free as the end goal is turning users into paying customers.

There is a sense of making up various Lead Magnets - offering several options of profit. Besides, you can further analyze the performance and keep only the best ones. It will let you lower Instagram advertising costs.
You should also keep updating them as people may be searching for different sorts of value.
The more a potential buyer interacts with your brand and gets worthy experience, the more likely he is to buy your product. In addition, promoting a lead magnet on Instagram increases its perceived value - you would rather choose a product with numerous likes and reviews you have seen on Instagram than elsewhere on other sites.

To get more followers at the same time you need to add a Subscription Page into your Instagram ad. Read about this tool in our article or watch the Youtube video.

So, here is the whole scheme step-by-step:

  1. Start creating an Instagram ad campaign on Facebook (Facebook Ads Manager)
  2. Create a downloadable Lead Magnet to promote
  3. Create a Subscription Page here
  4. Insert its link to the Lead Magnet ad on Facebook Ads Manager
  5. Run your ad campaign.

Hence you need to work out an Instagram content strategy, think of subsequent actions, updates, Lead Magnets you will place for your clients.

You can also add an opportunity for users to log-in with social networks such as Facebook and Whatsapp or to leave their contacts. This way they can subscribe for more special offers and you, in turn, get them involved into your sales funnel.

Moreover, the use of subscription pages lets you start targeting people who got interested in your Lead Magnet on Facebook, Google or other platforms by Pixel-tracking them.

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